xperience parkstad

In 2009, Arcus College, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Open University and SVOPL (Foundation Secondary Education Parkstad Limburg) decided to begin intensive collaboration under the name Xperience Parkstad. The educational institutions saw this partnership as an opportunity to boost the quality of their offerings. With the construction of Arcus College they developed an ambitious plan to develop their adjacent sites in Heerlen into an inviting, sustainable education campus with innovative education programmes.

Open University energy greenhouse
Mijnwater B.V. had peripheral involvement in the development of a mine water connection for a part of the already existing infrastructure to Arcus and the optional projects in the APG/Arcus cluster. A proposition is attractive for Mijnwater B.V. if the buildings are part of a complex in which residual energy (in the form of warm and cold water) can be exchanged among nearby buildings. The plans for this new OU campus are very innovative and include an ‘energy greenhouse’ that will serve many functions.