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Mijnwater News 19 –  December 2020 has been released!

In this issue:
1. Enpuls acquires Mijnwater infrastructure from Limburgs Energiefonds
2. Carli Worms new CEO of Mijnwater
3. Pipeline for the city centre laid!
4. Main pipeline near and at the In de Cramer industrial estate reinforced
5. No Mijnwater works to be carried out in Brunssum during the holidays
6. Mijnwater wishes you heart-warming holidays

On Tuesday morning, November 17, our project partner Croonwolter&dros placed two barrels of 25,000 liters each in the basement of the new municipal office in Heerlen. Mijnwater supplies sustainable heat and cold and buffers the locally generated energy in these gigantic barrels.

It was a logistics challenge to put the large barrels neatly in place. This work was carried out perfectly in close collaboration with project partners Croonwolters & Dros, Jongen Bouwpartners and HOMIJ Technische Installaties. Once laid, the contractor could continue with the construction of the floors above.

Roundup News for EGEC Members week 45

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EU project RewardHeat latest video about the project:

Smart networks integrating renewable and waste energy sources

Watch video here

Save the date!

Register below for the final online conference of the HeatNet Project. Greening our cities with district energy

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Even more efficient energy management thanks to data

With a dashboard, internal processes can be better coordinated. Streamlining these processes has made Mijnwater BV scalable. This is necessary for an important player in the energy world and in the transition to a natural gas-free society, ”says Chief Digital Officer @Jac Goorden

More information

Also read the findings of Thomas Meulenbroek, student of Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS MKB Datalab.

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New HeatNet platform – Guide to district heating – online! 🔥

View website here

Weekly Webinars on DHC open for everyone

Watch webinars on DHC here

Mijnwater News issue 16 has been published! 📣

In this newsletter:

  1. Impact of coronavirus on our services
  2. Farewell to Louis Hiddes
  3. Mijnwater is relocating to the Maankwartier
  4. D2Grids News
  5. Mijnwater a partner in REWARDHeat Project
  6. Publication of STORM controller
  7. Work in progress: Tacitus/Marcellus, Brunssum
  8. Start of construction of Heerlen city centre pipeline
  9. Cities and Citizens Energy Forum Heerlen has been postponed until later in the year
  10. Limburg Leads in Maastricht
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After completing the STORM project, Mijnwater contributed to the publication of the publication “Testing and performance evaluation of the STORM controller…” in Elsevier’s Energy magazine.

Read the publication here

22nd of April 2020: Program HeatNet Final Conference Heerlen

Registration possible now

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D2Grids newsletter #2 – February

District heating and cooling in Bochum, Green Solutions Awards, a new market survey, and much more!

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Mijnwater B.V. moves to sustainable Maankwartier

As of 1 June 2020, Mijnwater B.V. will move into an office at Maanplein in Maankwartier Heerlen. 😃

Read press release (DUTCH)

Register now!

Register now for the Cities and Citizen Energy Forum from 22 to 24 April 2020 in Heerlen.

With on Friday 24th of April a plenary session about European Climate Culture with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, European Commission

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HeatNet NWE and D2Grids together in a stand at the ‘Interreg North West Europe (NWE) making an impact’ event in Tourcoing (Fr). With Mijnwater BV Frans Drummen and Herman H.E.W. Eijdems

Climate agreement – video from Ministerie van BZK with Mijnwater as one of the example projects

D2Grids at NWE event in Tourcoing

As lead partner D2Grids, Mijnwater B.V. will be represented at the international “NWE making an impact!” event on December 4 and 5 2019 in Tourcoing, France.

During this event, the main focus is on the achieved results within the 83 North-West Europe (NWE) projects. D2Grids – the rollout of the fifth generation DHC (District Heating and Cooling) – is one of them.

View poster More information about this event

Mijnwater Heerlen wins ‘Grand Prize Sustainable Infrastructure’!

Winner at the Construction21 ‘Green Solutions Awards 2019’ in Paris, France.

Read the press release (Dutch) Watch the video

Article about Mijnwater in Cobouw

Heat houses with mine water: ‘We can do this anywhere’

Can you use groundwater that has run into abandoned mines as a sustainable energy source to heat buildings?

Read the full Dutch article here

Job offer COO (Chief Operating Officer) – Mijnwater

More information

Design Recognition for installation shaft Mijnwater
– designed by Welldesign Utrecht

More information

Looking back at JetNet Careerday on Tour. 😃

Students vist the Mijnwater powerplant.
Presentation by Elise Urlings and Joost van de Leemput.

Looking back at Celsius Summit in Brussels. Mijnwater B.V. panel member for “Integrated Solutions”.

Mijnwater Heerlen international finalist for ‘Green Solutions Awards 2019’. Nominated in the category ‘Infrastructure’.

5th generation district heating and cooling systems as a solution for renewable urban thermal energy supply

Read the full paper here

Mijnwater Nieuws 14 is released! 📣

In this issue:

  1. Mijnwater movie. Sit back and enjoy!
  2. National Science Weekend (Weekend van de wetenschap): open day on Saturday 5 October!
  3. Cross-border connection through the mines
  4. Work in progress: Douvenrade, Heerlerheide, Brunssum, the Netherlands
  5. Brunssum Energy Day (Energiedag Brunssum): 12 October 2019
  6. Mijnwater power station is hot!
  7. Collaboration with Wonen Zuid
  8. Mijnwater on location
  9. My Mijnwater – online customer portal
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Sustainable second life for mines in Limburg: Mijnwater in Financieel Dagblad (financial newspaper) – section Futures. HeatNet NWE @d2grids Parkstad Limburg Provincie Limburg

Read the (Dutch) article here

More than 190 projects are competing to win the Users’s choice Award (Green Solution Award). Vote for Mijnwater as best practice to fight climate change.

Vote here

The first newsletter of LIFE4HeatRecovery has been released!

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Site visit D2Grids in Paris


Yesterday, on the 11th of June 2019, Mijnwater was present at the opening of EGC in The Hague. The European Geothermal Congress (EGC) is the event which brings together the entire European geothermal sector, and attracts many from outside the continent.

Herman Eijdems, innovation manager of Mijnwater was representing Mijnwater at the EGC.

More information: http://europeangeothermalcongress.eu/


21 young students from St.Janscollege Hoensbroek visited our power plant last Tuesday, after a brief look at the Heliostaat of Maankwartier Heerlen. Still strange and ignorant.

After the presentation and tour of our experts Elise Ritzen and Martijn Wenmeckers, they were all enthusiastic! So this is what Mijnwater does !! With the necessary information leaflets and impressions, the group set to work on their school assignment in the afternoon: make a poster, film or presentation about what you experienced in the morning.

According to the teachers, it was an educational day for the children, who now also have a better view on the concept of ‘sustainability’.

Mijnwater partner at Limburg stand ‘De Kracht van Limburg’.

4, 5 and 6 juni 2019

Look for more information and admission prices on www.provada.nl

Heerlen is host city for the Energy Cities conference in 2020. That was announced on friday last during the Energy City conference 2019, in Heidelberg. Energy Cities is a European partnership of more than 1000 municipalities. Charles Claessens, Alderman for Sustainability: “Attention to climate change is an absolute necessity. And Heerlen is committed to energy transition. We want to be energy neutral in 2040. As an ambassador for Energy Cities, we are proud that Heerlen will be host city for this next year. conference”.

Mijnwater BV plays a major role in this congress as partner in making the built environment more sustainable in Heerlen and the Parkstad-Limburg region. #sustainableenergy #districtheatingandcoolingHeatNet NWE @D2Grids #energytransition #energycities Parkstad Limburg Gemeente Heerlen

Watch the video about Heerlen that was shown in Heidelberg.

Watch video here

“From gas to heat, how do we start the energy transition together” reading, on the second day @Limburgleads in MECC Maastricht.

A dynamic lecture on, among other things: “system players will have to change, but also come out of your comfort zone, speeding up the energy transition is the biggest task, with low-temperature heat networks achievable.”

HeatNet NWE #D2Grids #warmtenet #lagetemperatuur #aardgasvrij

Heating homes with heat from water is the future

Read the press release (Dutch)

Our newsletter ‘Mijnwater News 13’ has been released!
Read it below.

Read the newsletter here

Again attention for Mijnwater in article + video from 1Limburg about sustainable heating networks in Limburg. Speaking with one of the residents in Maankwartier Heerlen.

Read more

Mijnwater will heat tens of thousands of houses in Parkstad Limburg, but will also cool with mine water energy. Comfortably warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. Item on 1 Limburg, theme Sustainability and soon also on L1 Limburg Central.

Read more (Dutch article)

Looking back two-day workshop Rolduc

A group of energetic thinkers and doers met in Rolduc Abbey on March 21 and 22 to discuss: “Making the built environment more sustainable, how do we create a joint plan?”

10 most important concepts were devised during the two-day session. Concepts that are now being worked out. The process has been set in motion and will be continued. More about that later.

Watch the video of the two-day session here

Press release by Christenunie after visiting Mijnwater.

View the Dutch press release here

Mijnwater mentioned in newsletter Innovatie-estafette government #BZK

Read the newsletter here

HeatnetNWE partnermeeting in Plymouth has started this morning (14-03-2019) by the counselor.

Connection BMV Hoensbroek Zuid and the splitting for future expansions Kasteel Hoensbroeklaan

Mijnwater presents in Heatnet-NWE 2-day workshop “Remunicipalisation of the local energy supply” in Ettlingen at Karsruhe

Organised by Energy Cities, partner in Heatnet-NWE

#Heatnet-NWE #Interreg

Natural gas-free living in Brunssum

In 2050, everyone in the Netherlands will “be rid of natural gas”. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. If you burn natural gas, CO₂ is released. CO emissions cause climate change and we want to counter that. No less than 195 countries made agreements in 2015 during the Climate Agreement in Paris to emit less CO₂. The Netherlands also wants to keep to the agreements from the Climate Agreement. If we want to have a sustainable energy supply in the Netherlands in 2050, then we have to get started (also in Brunssum).

read more

2nd test drilling Brunssum-Noord

D2Grids Kickoff meeting in Heerlen

Test drilling Brunssum-Noord postponed due to frost

With reference to the continuous frost, the exploratory drilling, which was scheduled for January 21 last, was postponed until the frost is over. The exporting party GEBO BV from Dessel (B) has decided this in consultation with Mijnwater B.V. The exploratory drilling for an open soil energy system (heat-cold storage ATES) takes place between the flats at the Albert Schweitzerstraat and Henri Dunantstraat and is, amongst other things, a matter of making natural gas-free homes in Brunssum.

If you have any questions about the test drilling, please contact our project manager Huub Glas, h.glas@mijnwater.com.

New exchange station Mijnwater in the ground

The network of the Heerlen energy company Mijnwater has been expanded with an exchange station in Hoensbroek. Mijnwater cooperates with companies in six European cities.

Read the article

Placement third cluster cellar Mijnwater BV on the Terhoevenderweg for expansion of network and exchange of heat / cold energy.

With thanks to Van Den Berg Betonwerken and Kuijpers installation company and GW Leidingtechniek, co-designers Volantis Consulting. Under the supervision of Blom Civiele Techniek BV.


Mijnwater places third cluster cellar in Heerlen-Noord

Sustainable education in green school

De Horizon primary school in Heerlen is the only elementary primary school in Limburg that uses the money from the Ministry of Interior to not use natural gas anymore.

Read more

Review of the transition debate in the Parkstad Limburg City Region on 7 December in Schunck, Heerlen.

Watch the video here

In Stadszaken today: Mijnwater, demand-driven heating network can heat 3 million homes.

Read more

Start 1st test drilling for heat-cold storage (WKO) Brunssum

On Monday December 10 Mijnwater B.V. will start with the first test drilling for an open soil energy system (heat-cold storage (ATES)) at the Tarcisius location at St. Gregoriuslaan in Brunssum.

Read more

Test drilling first step towards natural gas free living

Mijnwater B.V. wants to carry out two test drillings in Brunssum in the near future in the context of the construction of a circular energy network. During the test drillings, there will be no drilling for minewater, but for a shallower water-bearing soil layer (maximum depth 130 meters). In this soil layer (temporary) heat-cold storage takes place.

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Waste heat is a sustainable source for district heating networks

Mijnwater is present at the National Heat Congress

Mijnwater is present at the National Heat Congress in Nijmegen, among others, as a discussion leader on 5G networks.

Read the press release

Mijnwater will open the door tomorrow for VMBO, HAVO and VWO students during the Jet-Net Careerday-on-tour

Tomorrow we will receive two groups of 25 students in our power plant in Maankwartier Heerlen. Elise Ritzen (27), project manager at Mijnwater BV, tells her own story; about her studies, her work as project manager and how proud she is after her technical training to get started at the company that supplies sustainable energy to various buildings and houses in Heerlen and surroundings.

Read the press release

Mijnwater is sustainable!

As one of the participants in the LEKTA alliance, Mijnwater B.V is sustainable with the Dutch Earth Week Limburg.

LEKTA stands for the Limburg Energy and Climate Transition Approach, and that name says it all: it’s all about tackling it. Acting together by combining existing initiatives and making them bigger, learning from each other and letting new ideas grow into successful projects. A real alliance in which Limburg citizens, companies, organizations and governments combine their sustainable strengths. Thinking together about how things can be different, on the road to a CO2-neutral Limburg.

LEKTA is an initiative of the Province of Limburg that now has a strong response in the region. During four first ‘transition tables’, a total of around a hundred frontrunners have been thinking about ways in which sustainability can be accelerated and broadened. Look for the program at: www.dutchearthweek.nl.

We are working sustainably throughout the year. More information: www.mijnwater.com or send an email to info@mijnwater.com. Group visits only on request.

Man is playing poker with himself ...

Experts warn the loudest. If no major measures are taken now, the climate goals of Paris will never be achieved and the temperature on earth around the year 2100 has risen by two degrees or more. How bad it will be?

Read more

Mijnwater wants more after Brunssum

Government grant for natural gas-free Brunssum-Noord

Mijnwater has to get The Netherlands out of the gas industry

LEF takes over Mijnwater B.V.

Conference Life4HeatRecovery has started

Herman Eijdems speaks on behalf of Mijnwater B.V. in Bolzano at the Life4HeatRecovery conference.

HeatNet NWE Project Board Meeting

In the elevator

Limburg is on the rise. The economy is flourishing, but also on other fronts the Limburgers are not sitting still. The messages in this newspaper prove it with some regularity. The province is once again showing its most enterprising side this week.

Read the article here

Great opportunities Mijnwater

With the technology of Heerlen’s company Mijnwater, millions of homes can be heated.

Read the article here

Mijnwater: large potential sustainable urban environment in the Netherlands

CE Delft research: ‘Away from gas, opportunities for new concepts such as Minewater and Low Temperature Geothermal Energy (LTA)

Read more about CE Delft’s research, applications and conclusions. The knowledge that Mijnwater BV has put into practice in Heerlen for years has now been ratified for the Netherlands as a whole.

Read the publication here Read the press release


Last Monday we visited NPO 1 for the documentary Elfwegentocht Nederland about the many initiatives in the field of energy and sustainability. They took a look at our exchange station (cluster cellar) and in our power station Maankwartier Heerlen. Missed yesterday’s broadcast? Take a look …

Watch the video

Energy producers cycle towards the future

Today (02/07/2018) in De Limburger, Energy producers cycle towards the future.

Read more

Today (29-06-2018), Third National Congres of Geothermal Energy

Today (29-06-2018), Third National Congress Soil Energy Today, June 29, 2018 the Third National Congress of Geothermal Energy takes place in the Koningsberger building in the Uithof (Utrecht).

After two very successful editions in 2011 and 2016, the Utrecht Earth Sciences Association of the Utrecht University, in collaboration with BodemenergieNL and Platform Geothermie, organizes this congress for professionals, researchers and students who are interested in the latest developments in the field and the storage and production of thermal energy.

Rene Verhoeven from Mijnwater B.V. gives a lecture on the development of a (geo) thermal smart grid in Heerlen.

More information

Mijnwater - Circle of renewable energy

Animation STORM Controller

All about a STORM controller, how does it work?

Watch video

Looking back at PROVADA 2018


Parkstad Limburg and Zuid-Limburg can be proud of the gift under their feet, old mines filled with groundwater where Mijnwater emits energy. The technology has since been developed so that it can be used everywhere. On real estate exchange PROVADA Sjoerd Parren once again explained exactly how…

Mijnwater B.V. present at PROVADA in RAI Amsterdam

On Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 of June, Mijnwater B.V. will participate in the joint LIMBURG stand ‘De Kracht van Zuid-Limburg, smart part of Europe’ of the city region Parkstad-Limburg, the municipality of Maastricht and the municipality of Sittard-Geleen and various private partners. See the enclosed invitation for the program.

On Thursday, Sjoerd Parren from Mijnwater B.V. will pitch about the sustainability of the housing stock and the important contribution of Mijnwater B.V..

More information PROVADA Invitation South-Limburg stand PROVADA

Sunday, June 3rd: Louis Hiddes in De Stemming on L1

On sundayafternoon, a live broadcast of De Stemming takes place between 11.00 and 13.00. At noon, the director Louis Hiddes from Mijnwater B.V. will speak about the developments of making neighbourhoods natural gas-free. He will be sitting at the table with several other guests including Mr. Wim Hazeu, director of Wonen Limburg. The talkshow will take place in Café Forum in Maastricht. The recording can also be listened to live (or viewed) on L1 at 11.00.

More information

Saturday, June 2nd: Dag van de Bouw Maankwartier Heerlen

Mijnwater is back again! Visit the powerstation with our guide (guided tours from 10 am, starting point at the corner of Saroleastraat) and discover how sustainable we are dealing with energy in Maankwartier.

More information and timeline

Digital Heat meeting in Brussel

Today the Digital Heat Conference takes place in Brussels. Mijnwater B.V. is present as a partner within STORM Horizon 2020 and discusses about the digitization of the energy sector (district heating and cooling (DHC). A video has been made about the controller that has been made to coordinate time and intelligence.

How does a STORM controller work >>

The programme

Old neighbourhoods quickly rid of natural gas - Dagblad de Limburger 19th of May 2018

No more natural gas with Mijnwater in Heerlen

Read the article here (DUTCH)

Mijnwater B.V. and the new General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018. This means that, from that date, the same privacy legislation will apply throughout the European Union (EU). As an organization, Mijnwater B.V. will have more obligations and must be able to demonstrate that it upholds its responsibility to protect personal data. When you registered, you gave your consent for your details to be included in our address database, so that we could send our newsletter.

Read more

Workvisit from minister Kajsa Ollongren in Parkstad Limburg

Mijnwater News: Issue 11 is out!

In this issue:
  1. HeatNet visit by Plymouth City Council (UK)
  2. Mijnwater partner of the OPZuid project
  3. BZK programme manager takes a look round
  4. Life4HeatRecovery proposal granted!
  5. How’s things with the Maankwartier South connection?
  6. Plug-and-play concept
  7. Expansion in Heerlerheide!
  8. Mijnwater at trade shows and symposia
  9. Year of transformation: from geothermal mine to goldmine?
Read it here

Today and tomorrow, Plymouth City Council (UK) is visiting Mijnwater BV. The municipal advisors and partners in the HeatNet NWE project are in Heerlen to exchange knowledge about the project that Mijnwater is part of. Tomorrow on the agenda: a visit to the energy station in Maankwartier Heerlen.

Interreg HeatNet NWE

Geothermal Symposium Londen

On the 16th of October Rene Verhoeven will speak at the Geothermal Symposium in London about the sustainable mijnwater energy system, which is becoming increasingly more famous internationally. Rene speaks on invitation of the University of Durham, who organizes this symposium. Dr. Charlotte Adams and Professor Jon Cluyas of the university visited Mijnwater in September and were quite impressed with what Mijnwater had achieved.

“Jon and I were extremely impressed and very enthused with what you have achieved in Heerlen and are looking forward to sharing our findings with our colleagues. We will also investigate whether we can access some funds to support a possible keynote speech at our event on the 16th of October as it would be great to have you there.”

And so it happens.

The Geological Society of London - 6th UK Geothermal Symposium

Mijnwater nieuws 8 - Special came out!

Mijnwater pitches at Festival van de Toekomst

On Thursday 14th of September the two-day Festival van de Toekomst will kickoff. This festival is a translation of the National Congress population decline. South of Limburg, despite it being a shrinking region, is starting to working with a variety of challenges because of the population decline. Through intensive cooperation, innovative ideas and working concepts, the region sees its future brightly. With major keynote speakers in the morning and Rene Verhoeven of Mijnwater BV with a pitch in the afternoon about the most sustainable energy development for the region, promises a fascinating meeting.

View the program here

Mijnwater B.V. in Doe Maar Duurzaam RTL Z

Watch the video here

Article ‘Wonen zonder aardgas’

Read the article here

Mijnwater Nieuws 7 came out!

Check out the newsletter here

6th of July Duurzaam Cafe Mijnwater energy & STORM controller

View the newsletter here

Comment of Mijnwateron the article ‘Balen van de brom van Heerlen – reportage laagfrequent geluid d.d. 15 juni jl.’

View the comment here Check out the article here

Mijnwater News 6 is out!

Let’s roll! The pipes are ready to go underground. These new pipelines ensure that the GGD office at ‘het Loon’ in Heerlen is also connected to mining energy. The last job this morning is the ‘withdrawal’ of the pipes. This means that they will be submerged from one point to the “backbone” -the main line- of Mijnwater

Green Deal Pilot Nationale Koolstofmarkt

On Thursday, the 11th of May the Green Deal Pilot Nationale Koolstofmarkt was signed by the state secretary Sharon Dijksma from Infrastructure and Environment plus a couple of other important co-initiators who want to reduce CO2 emissions in The Netherlands by at least 500.000 tonnes. Louis Hiddes from Mijnwater BV signed as one of the initiators.

Check out the press release here

Euroheat @ Power Congress in Glasgow

Presentation Mijnwater BV Heerlen @38th Euroheat @ Power Congress in Glasgow on 16th of May.

View presentation here

Heerlens knowledge for sale

Heerlen puts Mijnwater BV for sale

More information

Mijnwater present @Euroheat & Power Conference in Glasgow from the 14th till the 17th of May

Herman Eijdems from Mijnwater will present the Heerlen demo site of the STORM project:Black to green: using coal mines for renewable DHCduring the sessionTechnology and Projects: Making the EU work for Uson Tuesday, 16 May at 13:30-15:00.

More information

SAVE THE DATE! 2nd Netherlands- North Rhine-WestPhalian Energy Conference

Neuss | 11-21

With a lecture by Herman Eijdems from Mijnwater B.V. about:

Thermal energy storage in urban regions

During this international conference we draw further attention to the knowledge we have in Heerlen for many years now in the field of energy storage. Sustainable energy, that is. The old, closed mines, now serve as a hot water source for the supply of energy. A tank full of mine water energy to heat (and cool) homes, offices and shops. A concept developed by Mijnwater B.V. is now to roll out to the rest of the Netherlands, Europe and the world … even where there are no mines.


Geothermal learning journey for Scottish Development International

Scottish geothermal associates visit Mijnwater BV for learning points and next steps in Mine Water energy. Several speakers inform them of the developments and the success of Mine Water energy in Heerlen.

This afternoon we visit Maankwartier with Michel Huisman, architect and artist of Maankwartier.


The ‘Palace Conversation’ with municipal officials was a success. Positive reactions when visiting both Maankwartier as the cluster basement (exchangestation heat / cold). Councilman Jordi Clemens kicked off in Carbon6, after Louis Hiddes from Mijnwater gave an explanation of the development of sustainable minewater energy.

Geothermal learning journey for Scottish Development International

Scottish geothermal associates visit Mijnwater BV for learning points and next steps in Mine Water energy. Several speakers inform them of the developments and the success of Mine Water energy in Heerlen.

This afternoon we visit Maankwartier with Michel Huisman, architect and artist of Maankwartier.


Map-viewer Geothermal district heating in Europe
(first check – Geothermal district heating Heerlen)


Housing Shared Services Center in Parkstad Limburg former building.

Connecting to minewater energy is not a utopia.

Publication PDF
Maankwartier with minewater energy a sustainable tourist attraction


A look back at twelve months of milestones for Geothermal in Europe and a forecast for 2016.


Smart Recharge

Smart Recharge /Smart (Mijn)water Heerlen @ Serious Request

At Serious Request in Heerlen, Brightlands Smart Services Campus will organise a SMART RECHARGE happening in the old C&A building (next to town hall) from 18th till 23rd of December.

Come and get acquainted with Smart Services Campus Heerlen. A campus in development where innovative projects and companies take refuge. Mijnwater BV will be present the 22nd of December with a story about ‘Smart Water’, water from deep mines to heat and cool homes and offices.
Be inspired and experience … see how minewater can be sustainable energy!

Tuesday 22nd December 2015 between 14.00 and 16.00 hours

Mijnwater on top of the climate news

We are monitoring developments closely in Paris and share as much as possible. Starting point is the last day of the climate walk of Marjan Minnesma with many other sustainable entrepreneurs and decision makers from the Netherlands.


Duurzame Diva Simone (Radio2) op bezoek bij Mijnwater in Heerlen (vr 9/10/2015).

Beluister hier de uitzending

Vandaag heeft Mijnwater B.V. de technische installatie geplaatst in het tweede (cluster)uitwisselstation in Heerlen. Langs het spoor, op het Veoliaterrein aan de CBS-weg, wisselt Mijnwater B.V. binnenkort via dit uitwisselstation energie uit tussen de Mijnwater hoofdleiding en het nieuwe clusternet waarop Maankwartier als eerste wordt aangesloten.
Fotografie: Nose for Photography, Heerlen.
Persbericht PDF Bekijk video
Cultura Nova

Mijnwater en Kunst tijdens Cultura Nova

Op zaterdag 5 en zondag 6 september as. performance van Ondertijds. ‘Daal af’ in de mijngangen van het verleden, waarbij het mijnwater als beginpunt wordt genomen in de audio-visuele vertelling over industrialisatie en arbeid. Sopraan Rianne Wilbers zingt over veranderende perspectieven in de onderstroom.

Coproductie van Cultura Nova i.s.m. Jaar van de Mijnen2015.
Locatie: Voetgangerstunnel Q-Park, Burg. van Grunsvenplein, Heerlen

Sustainable Places 2015

Mijnwater BV @Sustainable Places Conference /Savona (Italië)

Van 16 tot 18 september 2015 vindt in Savona een wetenschappelijke conferentie plaats waar aandacht besteed wordt aan onderwerpen die van belang zijn voor het verkrijgen van energie-efficiënte gebouwen. Mijnwater is aanwezig om mee te discussiëren over de noodzaak van duurzame energie (CO2 reductie) en wat mijnwater energie daarin voor een bijdrage kan leveren.

Meer informatie: http://sustainable-places.eu/sp-2015/

Energie uit Heerlense bodem

Doe maar duurzaam

Mijnwater B.V. zondag op landelijke TV

Mijnwater BV krijgt landelijke aandacht in een uitzending van Doe maar duurzaam.
Stem zondag 12 juli as. af om 10.00 uur op RTL7!!



Geen hitte in Basisschool de Ganzerik/Heerlen

Hittegolf in Nederland en tropenroosters voor vele scholen. Echter, kinderen van Basisschool de Ganzerik in Heerlen gaan gewoon naar school. De school heeft een aangenaam binnenklimaat omdat het is aangesloten op het Mijnwater energienetwerk. Bij een hitte zoals vandaag en morgen, zorgen wij voor koelte. Wel zo fijn met een buitenklimaat van 34 tot 36 graden!.

Dag van de Bouw

Mijnwater en Maankwartier gaan samen!

De zon breekt door op de Dag van de Bouw in Maankwartier Heerlen. Veel interesse over de bouw en Mijnwater energie.

Mijnwater BV at Provada Amsterdam RAI

Zeg je innovatie, zeg je Mijnwater!

Vandaag op PROVADA Amsterdam, Broedplaats Zuid Limburg, hal 9, stand 18. Amsterdam RAI
Facts & Figures Mijnwater BV
NPO radio 1

Louis Hiddes op Radio1

Luister terug: het interview met directeur Louis Hiddes in programma Nieuwe energie in de mijnstreek.(start op 3.44 minuten).
Klik hier om te luisteren
P-Nuts Award Poster
Mijnwater B.V. spreekt tijdens P-Nuts Award uitreiking en doe-conferentie op donderdag 16 april in het Theater Tilburg.
Het programma van die dag:

Programma P-Nuts

Meer over de inzending van Mijnwater B.V.:


EGIA 2015 winner
Mijnwater at EGIA

Mijnwater B.V. winner of the European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015

The Award for outstanding achievements in the field of geothermal innovation, the “European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015 ‘ goes to Mijnwater BV
Proudly, Louis Hiddes, managing director of Mijnwater B.V. received the award during the GEOTHERM congress of the “European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) in Offenburg (Germany).
Press Release (English) Persbericht (Nederlands)

Kennisdag Bouwfysica in TU Eindhoven op 21 mei as.

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Aliou Mijnwater
Hello, I’m Aliou Dembele

33 years old and in my final year of advanced master in ‘sustainable energy management’ at the University of Liege. I recently graduated with a Master in geology in the same university. I got the possibility to work as a trainee with Minewater B.V. As part of my graduation project I am working on the assessment of Minewater Project application around Liege (Belgium). Along this research some specific parameters will be used to classify abandoned mines and those which have the high geothermal potential. A pre-feasibility studies will assess sites similarity with Minewater installations at Heerlen in Netherlands. After this study, I would like to work in the domain dealing with geology, energy, and/or environment.

Het jaar van de mijnen
Tijdens M2015 Jaar van de Mijnen vinden meer dan 200 activiteiten plaats. In het Savelbergklooster in Heerlen vinden lezingen plaats over de mijnbouw. Op 2 februari as. vindt er een lezing plaats over mijnwater als basis voor duurzame energie in Heerlen.
Mijnwater leiding APG

Zaterdag klusdag... ook bij Mijnwater BV

Zaterdag 8 november is een nieuw T-stuk met bijbehorende afsluiters en ontluchtingen ingebouwd in de bestaande mijnwaterleiding bij APG. Om geen overlast voor de medewerkers van APG te bezorgen werd de klus in het weekend geklaard. Op de foto’s de afsluiting van de bestaande leidingen, het doorzagen, verwijderen en plaatsen van nieuwe T-stukken. Om klokslag 20.00 uur was de leiding weer gevuld, ontlucht en kon de installatie van APG weer in bedrijf worden gesteld.


Duurzaamheidsmarkt Rabobank Parkstad Limburg

Op maandag 27 oktober as. neemt Mijnwater BV deel aan de Duurzaamheidsmarkt van de Rabobank Parkstad Limburg. De avond in het Parkstad Theater in Heerlen staat in het teken van duurzaamheid in onze leefomgeving. Sprekers zijn stedenbouwkundig architect Jo Coenen, directeur van IBA Parkstad, en architect van het jaar 2013 en duurzaamheidsdenker Thomas Rau. Op de Duurzaamheidsmarkt kunnen de leden informatie krijgen over duurzaam (ver)bouwen en wonen, energiebesparing en subsidiemogelijkheden. Mijnwater geeft informatie over mijnwater als basis voor duurzame energie. De avond begint om 19.30 uur en is alleen voor Rabobank Leden.

MAB Bekkerveld mijnwater installatie
De prefab mijnwater installatie met het tapwaterbuffervat staat klaar om geïnstalleerd te worden in de Multifunctionele Accommodatie Bekkerveld (MAB).

Volgende week, voordat het dak op de multifunctionele ruimte gaat, wordt de installatie geplaatst en zal Stewitech de komende weken gebruiken om ‘m verder op te bouwen en aan te sluiten. Met ingang van week 51 kan dan – bij een voortvarende opbouw van de binneninstallatie – warmte geleverd worden.

Rene Verhoeven, Technical Manager Mijnwater BV
Rene Verhoeven van Mijnwater BV sprak tijdens de tiende NRW-Geothermische Conference in Bochum over Mijnwater 2.0 (D). Conferentie stond in het teken van nieuwe toepassingen op het gebied van geothermische energie binnen gemeentelijke projecten, waaronder ook projecten van regionale nutsbedrijven of gemeentelijke nutsbedrijven. Lees meer over Mijnwater 2.0

Op de foto: Rene Verhoeven, Technical Manager Mijnwater BV..

Wereldwijd interesse mijnwater energie

Op 18 augustus sprak Mijnwater B.V. tijdens The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) over de toepassing van mijnwater energie voor een nieuw te ontwikkelen gebied, Shawfair (350ha). Vandaag, 19 augustus, is René Verhoeven van Mijnwater B.V. in Aberdeen tijdens een internationaal symposium Energy Challenges & Mechanics (ECM) over Mijnwater 2.0.


Minewater @ICBEST 2014

Minewater will attend the International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies (ICBEST) in Aachen from 9th till 12th of June 2014 and speak about the Minewater project. ICBEST is a worldwide forum for building envelope engineering.For more information about the conference: www.icbest.de

Mijnwater toen 7

Mijnwater.com LIVE!

Via deze nieuwe website houden wij u op de hoogte van actualiteiten, nieuwe ontwikkelingen en andere zaken die betrekking hebben op mijnwater als kwalitatieve duurzame energie.
Neem snel een kijkje…!

Renovatiebeurs 2014

Mijnwater BV neemt op vrijdag 11 april a.s plaats in het panel Het Orakel van Delphi / duurzaamheid op de Renovatiebeurs 2014 in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Slimste binnenstad van Nederland 2016

The municipality of Heerlen competes for the title of Smartest city in the Netherlands in 2016.
Follow the broadcasts ‘Smart City’ on RTL 7 from April 3 to May 8, including Mijnwater B.V. as smart organization.

Louis Hiddes talks about the Mijnwater concept – demand-driven heating to reduce energy waste.

RTL7 / Smart City serie from April 3:
More information: www.slimstebinnenstad.nl

A look at the power of Gen Coel / Heerlerheide

Did you know that more than 200 homes, Gen Coel eetcafé, Corneliushuis, de Brede School and kindergarten, library and supermarket Heerlerheide are equipped with mine water energy?

Read more about Centrumplan Heerlerheide

NODA open office in Germany and launch subsidiary NODA Deutschland GmbH

A look back on NW-Symposium ‘Smart Cities op wankele bodem’ at Open Universiteit Heerlen,
on the 7th of November 2015.

Watch the video

Mijnwater B.V. visiting Michel Huisman’s Maankwartier

The team from Mijnwater B.V. visited the Maankwartier that is under construction last Thursday in Heerlen. Artist and designer Michel Huisman led around the team and informed them about the particular architecture, impressive link between the two boroughs. Where beauty, atmosphere and quality meet. And where Mijnwater energy will take care of the heating and cooling of homes, the hotel and the shops in the Maankwartier.

More information on the Maankwartier

Minewater a part of artwork Jet Nuij

Jet Nuij, a young artist from Parkstad Limburg, who went to Amsterdam with a jerrycan of minewater to make her artwork ‘dissapear’. She is one of the artists who has work in the exhibition ‘POST-Mining in de kolenkit’ that is made within the framework of Jaar van de Mijnen 2015 by ten local and international artists.

The work shows itself as an investigation into the role that art can play in transformation processes and as direct intervention in the renaissance of the Limburg mining region. ‘POST-Mining in de kolenkit’ will be held in WOW, the culturalcentre of the Kolenkit-wijk in Amsterdam-West. More information:


Mijnwater BV@ NW Symposium 7/11/2015
Smart Cities op wankele bodem

Klik hier voor meer informatie

Om 09.45 (9-10-2015) live uitzending interview Louis op Radio 2. Programma Het Groene Station Bart Ahrens, vandaag oa over Mijnwater in het kader van de Dag van de Duurzaamheid.

Klik hier om te luisteren

Informatieavond verduurzaming Douve Weien/Caumerveld

Op donderdag 24 september a.s. vindt in A gene Bek (multifunctionele accommodatie Bekkerveld) een tweede informatieavond plaats voor wijkbewoners van Douve Weien/Caumerveld over het verduurzamen van hun wijk.

Mijnwater B.V. is belangrijk partner in het verduurzamingsproject en legt die avond uit hoe je huis duurzaam verwarmd en gekoeld kan worden door middel van mijnwater energie. A gene Bek is ook aangesloten op het mijnwaternet.

Project A gene Bek

Uitnodiging informatieavond
MW clusterkelder
Spectaculair takelwerk bij de plaatsing van de derde clusterkelder van Mijnwater BV. Het 65 ton wegende gevaarte ging met precisie in het gat zo groot als een zwembad achter het Veoliaterrein aan de CBS-weg.

Bekijk hier de video

Bnr radio

Mijnen laten Heerlenaren niet koud

Mijnwater BV op BNR radio. Louis Hiddes en Martijn Wenmeckers vertellen hoe Mijnwater B.V. een bijdrage levert aan het verduurzamen van de gebouwde omgeving van Heerlen.

Luister hier naar het radiobericht.


Donderdag 2 juli: informatieavond De Groene Wijk Duurzaam

Voor de wijkbewoners van Douve Weien en Caumerveld wordt op donderdag 2 juli as. in A Gene Bek (MAB Bekkerveld) een informatieavond georganiseerd over het verduurzamen van de wijk.
Mijnwater B.V. is aanwezig om uitleg te geven over de duurzame energielevering van warmte en koude uit de geothermische bron en hoe een energietransitie proces in de wijk op gang kan worden gebracht. De avond start om 19.30 uur.

Lees meer…

A gene Bek

A gene Bek officieel geopend!

De multifunctionele accommodatie Bekkerveld, A gene Bek genoemd, is zojuist geopend. Het complex wordt voorzien van duurzame mijnwater energie.

Lees meer…

Dag van de Bouw

Dag van de Bouw Maankwartier

Kom zaterdag 13 juni as. naar de Dag van de Bouw in Maankwartier Heerlen. Mijnwater B.V. is aanwezig om uit te leggen hoe alle toekomstige gebruikers zijn aangesloten op mijnwater energie. Iedere specifieke gebruiker en consument krijgt naar wens energie (warmte en koude en warm tapwater) van Mijnwater B.V.

Mijnwater B.V. kan aan de wens van de gebruiker voldoen door te zorgen voor een groot volume van gelaagde buffervaten en door de slimme passieve opwekking en het bufferen van deze warmte en koude met verschillende temperaturen. Niet alleen voor de winkels maar ook voor de kantoren en het hotel in het bijzonder.

De Dag van de Bouw start om 10.00 uur en eindigt om 16.00 uur.

Website Maankwartier

Van 2 t/m 4 juni neemt Mijnwater BV deel aan de grootste vastgoedbeurs in Nederland, de PROVADA. De dagthema’s zijn: innovatie, verleiding en authenticiteit. Thema’s waar Mijnwater BV perfect in past. Zie voor het programma: http://www.provada.nl/xperience/programma.php

STORM website

STORM Website online

Mijnwater B.V. is projectpartner in STORM (Self-organizing Thermal Operational Resource Management) voor de ontwikkeling van een ‘controller’ voor een innovatief warmtenetwerk.

Website STORM

NPO radio 1

Mijnwater op Radio 1

Vanaf vandaag tot vrijdag as. iedere dag om 11.45 uur in programma De Ochtend: aflevering over Parkstad ‘Nieuwe Energie in de Mijnstreek’. Interviews met Louis Hiddes (Mijnwater), Peter Bertholet (Parkstad Limburg), Jo Coenen (IBA Parkstad)en Michel Huisman (kunstenaar en ontwerper Maankwartier).

Terugluisteren kan ook via: http://www.radio1.nl/deochtend.

Mijnwater energie dichterbij dan je denkt

Parkstad energie onafhankelijk met mijnwater ( Uit Dichterbij, het magazine voor leden van Rabobank Parkstad Limburg, voorjaar 2015)

Emiel Roemer

Emiel Roemer bracht vanmiddag een bezoek aan Mijnwater B.V. Op uitnodiging van de SP Heerlen en wethouder J. Clemens bezocht hij een van de (cluster)kelders van Mijnwater waar op innovatieve wijze water (koud en warm) uit de voormalige steenkoolmijnen als duurzame energie uitgewisseld wordt tussen aangesloten bedrijven zoals APG. Emiel Roemer was blij verrast over deze vorm van duurzame energielevering aan bedrijven, kantoren en woningen in Heerlen.

Mijnwater B.V. One of the top 4 companies in Geothermal Innovations Nomination for the EGIA Award 2015

Mijnwater B.V. is genomineerd voor de European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015 . Op 5 maart as. vindt in Offenburg, Duitsland de nominatie plaats tijdens de openingsceremonie van GeoTherm 2015. Mijnwater B.V. is een van de top 4 bedrijven die op het gebied van geothermische innovaties.

Mijnwater B.V. has been nominated for the European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015. Mijnwater B.V.is one of the four most innovative companies in the geothermal industry. The winner will be selected during the award ceremony at the opening session of GeoTherm 2015 in Offenburg, Germany, on the 5th of March 2015.

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Publicatie in bedrijfsmagazine Enervision (Nathan Group) over Mijnwater B.V. Bekijk hier het PDF van Enervision

Mijnwater bouwbord

Mijnwater, werk in uitvoering

De aanleg van de mijnwaterleidingen vanaf APG naar MA Bekkerveld
springt met dit bouwbord goed in het oog.
MA Bekkerveld

Werk in uitvoering Mijnwater voor MA Bekkerveld

Zoals u vast al opgemerkt heeft, wordt er op dit moment hard gewerkt aan de aanleg van mijnwaterleidingen naar de Multifunctionele Accommodatie Bekkerveld (MAB). Deze werkzaamheden duren tot begin december en kunnen enige overlast veroorzaken. Mijnwater BV probeert dit tot een minimum te beperken.

De MAB wordt aangesloten op het mijnwaternet om de accommodatie van warmte, koude en warm tapwater te voorzien. Door de leidingen, die vanaf het APG gebouw worden aangelegd, levert Mijnwater BV warmte die onder andere vrijkomt in het datacentrum van APG. Mijnwater legt deze mijnwaterleidingen aan naar MAB om tot een duurzame energievoorziening te komen in combinatie met de opwekking van elektriciteit door middel van Photo Voltäische (PV) zonnecellen op het dak. Mijnwater levert hierdoor op duurzame wijze alle energie voor het gebouw.


Innovators aan het woord 2014

Louis Hiddes aan het woord in het blad ‘Innovators aan het woord’ waarin innovators hun ervaringen delen en resultaten geven op het gebied van energie-innovatie. Louis Hiddes, directeur vertelt over de ontwikkelingen rondom mijnwater als duurzame energiebron en de doorontwikkeling naar een technologie die de wereld zal veroveren. “Dit vergt multidisciplinaire samenwerking en lef”, volgens Louis Hiddes. (zie pagina 143 t/m 147). Bekijk hier het PDF

Mijnwater om te verwarmen en te koelen

De landelijke campagne Ons Water schenkt aandacht aan mijnwater als kwalitatieve duurzame energie. Met de campagne Ons Water worden Nederlanders bewust gemaakt van het feit dat schoon, veilig en voldoende water niet vanzelfsprekend is. Om Nederland te beschermen tegen water, maar ook om van te genieten en te gebruiken. Als leverancier van deze duurzame energie staat Mijnwater BV in de schijnwerpers als een van de voorbeeldprojecten, waarbij water uit de oude steenkolenmijnen onder de Limburgse stad Heerlen gebruikt wordt om gebouwen te verwarmen en te koelen.

IBA 2014

Mijnwater bv op IBA Parkstad 2014

Mijnwater BV gaf op zaterdag 28 juni 2014 een lezing over Mijnwater. Deze vorm van kwalitatieve duurzame energievoorziening past binnen de gedachte van een IBA Parkstad en is toe te passen in bestaande (en nieuwe) woningen, gebouwen, winkels en kantoren. Mijnwater energie draagt een belangrijke bijdrage aan de transformatie van Parkstad om te komen tot een energie neutrale regio in 2040. Bekijk hier de presentatie

Bekkerveld Leidingen

MA Bekkerveld

De eerste Mijnwater leidingen gaan de grond in voor Multifunctionele Accommodatie Bekkerveld (MAB). Er komt een mijnwater aansluiting, een duurzame energiecentrale en op het dak zullen Photo Voltäische (PV) zonnecellen worden geplaatst, die een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan de elektriciteitsvraag van het gebouw.


Minewater will attend the Second International Symposium on Energy Challenges & Mechanics
in Aberdeen from 19 till 21 August. MInewater will give an oral presentation of the Minewater 2.0 project on Thursday 21 August.



Mijnwater @Cleantech Forum SF 2014 in San Francisco

Herman Eijdems was namens Mijnwater B.V. aanwezig en sprak over mijnwater als duurzame energiebron. John van den Heuvel, moderator Netherlands Office for science and Technology schreef over Mijnwater in zijn blog over de Nederlandse bijdragen aan dit Forum.