5th Generation DHC

The success of mine water technology is an example for other cities that are diligently looking for natural gas-free alternatives. In principle, it is possible to build the same network in other cities, for example connecting existing thermal energy storage systems (TES) with intermediate homes and with other heat sources in the city, such as (cooled) supermarkets, data centers, office buildings, etc. a local thermal circular energy network leads to significant savings for everyone involved. After all, the major investments are shared, a challenge to take up with both hands. Setting up such a collaboration does require a well-organized director’s role. Research by CE Delft and IF technology shows that up to 3 million homes in the Netherlands can get rid of natural gas on the basis of 5GDHC. 

Mijnwater B.V. is rolling out as part of the national pilot project for natural gas-free neighborhoods. the concept has now been extended to the neighboring municipality of Brunssum. In addition to new-build homes, it concerns the renovation of existing complexes in social housing and private property. Mijnwater B.V. does not connect to the ‘backbone’ in Heerlen for this purpose, but develops the heating and cooling network through TES installations, connected to a water-bearing layer at a depth of 100 m. At the end of 2019, the first cluster cellar / power plant and the required thermal pipeline network went into the ground. The TES are a buffer and are (temporarily) supported by air / water heat pumps. Temporary because geothermal heat and large buffers are also planned in Brunssum in due course. The second double energy cellar/exchange station is placed in April 2020 for three projects (Tarcisius, Oude Egge and Pastor Savelbergstraat) in Brunssum. The greatest strength, however, lies in the 5GDHC concept. This is recognized by a new Interreg-NWE subsidy project, called D2Grids. 

Example of 5th generation District Heating and Cooling
Animation made by project partner in Interreg NWE / D2grids Paris-Saclay