Mijnwater is a project partner in STORM (Self-organizing Thermal Operational Resource Management). Together with four other partners, a controller has been developed for an innovative heat energy network that is versatile enough to be used for different types of energy systems.

Intelligent controller
To optimize the supply of energy in a heating and cooling network an extensive and complex control system is required – an intelligent controller. Ideally, such a controller should be suitable for use with various types of heating and cooling networks and preferably stimulate further sustainability. The typical application would be a conventional heating and cooling network, perhaps connected to a waste incineration plant. In order to achieve sustainability and work well in modern energy networks, the controller is designed to be self-learning (interpretation of historical data) and is able to adapt to the conditions (predictive, climate, behaviour and customer demand). For example, if a solar collector is added the controller should send the energy back to the appropriate buffers and buildings.

Clean energy for the region
€630,000 of the money pumped into this project has gone to partners in the Heerlen region, such as NEBER (€230,000 for knowledge development and expansion). This is a huge stimulus for the former ‘beating heart of the Netherlands’ energy supply’ (Heerlen) to establish an internationally recognized centre of expertise for fourth generation district heating and cooling networks. So this is not only a source of clean energy but also employment opportunities and cross-border innovation.