Shared Service Center (SSC-ZL)


The new users of the Shared Services Center Zuid-Limburg (SSC-ZL) in Heerlen have experienced the comfort of sustainable energy since March 2017. On Monday, March 20, 2017, the installation of Mijnwater was commissioned to provide SSC-ZL with heat and cooling via the energy system of Mijnwater There is no gas involved anymore. The release of both heat and cold through the radiators and the new air treatment gives the entire building a comfortable indoor climate.

Sustainable energy for SSC-ZL

The building no longer met the comfort requirements of the new users and had to be renovated. In 2016, Mijnwater asked to connect the entire building to the energy system of Mijnwater, which is located nearby. The existing central heating boilers were replaced and the building was connected to the Mijnwater pipeline network. The building is in fact located at a Mijnwatercluster (cluster network B) on the CBS road in Heerlen, on which the building of CBS and the new district of Maankwartier are also connected.

Careful transfer of energy

When using mine water, it does not flow through the pipes to various connected buildings, but the energy is extracted in an underground exchange station (cluster cellar) from this water. This energy is transferred via heat exchangers to so-called purified tap water. In addition to the bicycle shed of the SSC-ZL building, heat pumps are installed that ensure that this water will reach the correct temperature before delivery to the building takes place. Mijnwater B.V is also responsible for the electricity supply and the 48 solar panels on the roof.

This SCC-ZL building was connected in March 2017, making it the eighth project realized by Mijnwater