The Medical Health Service Zuid-Limburg (GGD) and Mijnwater agreed in 2016 to supply sustainable energy to the building to be renovated at Overloon 2 in Heerlen. From the end of 2017, this building will be provided with heat and cold as well as renewable electricity and with it the ninth project that is connected to the pipeline network of Mijnwater in Heerlen.

Sustainability certification

The existing building of the GGD in Heerlen has not been demolished, but completely stripped and then renovated using various sustainable materials. In the sustainability certification of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) the integral energy supply of Mine Water scores particularly well. BREEAM is the instrument for integrally measuring and assessing the sustainability of new buildings, existing buildings, areas and demolition projects. BREEAM is managed and developed by the Dutch Green Building Council and stands for the sustainability of the built environment.

Integral system for GGD

Mijnwater supplies sustainable heat and cold for a total of 4.126 m2 of office space. This means that Mijnwater uses heat and cold from various available sustainable sources. The energy is transported to a network of buildings via an exchange station and underground pipelines. The GGD building is on such a network (cluster network A) that had to be expanded for this connection. For the purpose of generating renewable electricity, Mijnwater also installs approximately 155 m2 of solar panels on the roof of the GGD building, which are used not only by the office building, but also by the mine water system. For example, a fully integrated system ensures the necessary CO2 savings, less particulate emissions, less overheating of the outside air in the summer in Heerlen and surroundings and the building is no longer dependent on natural gas.

In April 2017 the civil activities were completed.