New CBS building


The new Statistics Netherlands (CBS) building was built because the old 1970s office building no longer met the requirements for a twenty-first century office environment. The room arrangement, poor natural lighting, and the changing organization made it necessary to seek a new office building. Moreover, the building had to meet the energy-saving objectives. The new building was completed on 1 September 2009.

Minewater’s second connection
This new CBS office building was the second facility to be connected to the mine water. At that time, Minewater 1.0 was still in operation; this system supplied warm water during the winter months and cold water during the summer. In early October 2013 the mine water connection was upgraded to Minewater 2.0, with a demand-driven supply of warm and cold water. When the network was extended to the Maankwartier district CBS was connected to this new loop. Main reason: better provision of heat energy and further reduction of dependence on fossil fuel (natural gas), cutting CO2 consumption again, this time by a whopping 75 to 80%. This step was also taken with an eye towards additional optimization of the system with the future development of Minewater 3.0.