About Minewater


Mijnwater is a supplier of sustainable energy, supplies heat and coolness to offices, commercial buildings and homes. It does this via a circular energy network, a so-called fifth generation ‘Smart Grid’ for district heating and cooling. In addition, the company stores the (recovered) heat, at times when there is little to no demand. This innovative circular energy network in Heerlen is seen as a well thought-out infrastructure for the distribution of hot and cold energy and can also be used in other urban areas. It links different sources of sustainable energy, such as solar panels, wind energy, biomass energy, residual heat. It is still qualified as a low temperature network because our main source and buffer are the former mine galleries. Because the system is set up in such a way that multiple sustainable sources can be linked, we speak of a fifth generation ‘Smart Grid’ in Parkstad-Limburg. The mine water infrastructure is still located in Heerlen, for other municipalities we supply tailor-made satellite solutions to help customers in our work area get rid of the gas.

Mijnwater makes an important contribution to making the building environment in Heerlen, Parkstad-Limburg more sustainable and is an important player in the Parkstad-Limburg Energy Transition.